Saturday, March 24, 2007

And update at long last.

Hi all, yes, i realise that its been ages since I posted (thanks Newman!) so I thought I'd quickly update you as to recent events.

1) The Adelaide Premiere of Thrash Bus 2 - Took place on Feb 3rd, in the Iris Cinema (part of the Mercury Cinema Complex in Adelaide) and was a great success. The event was partially pirated by Richard Muhlack and put onto Youtube. Which legitamises me as a film director. You ain't a proper film director unless your stuff has been pirated and put onto the internet. For those who are getting a copy on DVD, the premiere has photos and video footage which is on a special menu of the DVD.

2) Leanne & Dave Walker got married. Lisa and I were unable to be there, but I saw photos and watched the weather report and saw that it was HOT HOT HOT! Leanne in a dress! Woo hoo!

3) Grandma - well, the last of my grandparents died at the beginning of the month. Grandma made it to 90, and after suffering for a few months with cancer of just about every vital organ, passed away in Keith Hospital. We were lucky to get to spend last Christmas with her, and her presents will be sorely missed.

4) Warwick & Kiah visited in early March as well, and we got to see baby Hugh and his three little teeth. He was also starting to walk a little, quite wobbly but still a definite move on from crawling. It was good to see them all.

5) The computer has now been upgraded, with faster CPU and a RAID system for editing video on. I am currently working on two projects: the first is David and Kate Boon's wedding video, and the second is an anthology collection of each and every video done by Fernby Films since it began. This will also include the first ever video I made, Alien IV, which currently only exists on VHS tape. Of course, some digital mastering might have to be done to get it to a good condition, so we'll see what we have got soon enough. I am currently going through all the master tapes from the vault and unearthing some true delights. The only omission will be Thrash Bus 2, which has already been released on DVD. The FF Anthology will be a four disc set, available only to those special few who will know of its value.

6) The imminent collapse of the Pad. Apparently the block which housed the old Pad has cement cancer, and is quite close to being condmned. The balcony's which surround the block, both downstairs and up, require replacement, which is going to cost in the vicinity of $300,000. Thats five zeroes people! Mum and Dad are up for roughtly $60,000 themselves, money they do not have, so there is a little worry at this stage how its all going to resolve itself. If the building is left untouched, it will soon be unlivable. And if people try to sell their apartments, they have to disclose the fact to prospective buyers. And cop a $60,000 loss on their investment. Bad news all round really.

Anyway, thats all the news that fit to print, I'm out of here and away to Boony's 30th birthday party.!

Monday, December 11, 2006

A New Age

Well, its Christmas time again. Hang the holly, deck the halls and all that jazz. Lisa and I bought a Christmas tree yesterday, as well as some baulbles and things to hang on it. Will look good once she puts it up... hey, Lisa wants to do it, its "her" tree. He he he. And we also got a light thing to put in the window that says "merry x-mas" in bright red and green lights. Cliched, but still so..... Christmassy. Looks good. Not much to report todays, although if I am allowed to comment on the weather, I will say thats I am glad its not so blasted hot today as it was over the weekend. Since we have no air-con in our house the top floor gets all the sun and feels like a sauna. I was up there for a few minutes yesterday morning and lost five kilos. Swear!
Anyway, thats about all for today. Maybe later I'll check back in and say something else. Enjoy your day.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thrash Bus II - DVD News

The production of the Thrash Bus II DVD is progressing well. Menu screens and additional footage is currently in production at Grey Phoenix Productions here in Adelaide, and planning for the obligatory commentaries is also underway. Some footage has been rescanned into computer and remastered due to severe compression issues at the original editing process, which has been a time consuming process, but it's complete. Special effects are also in progress, with several small bits requiring completing before transferring to DVD.
The planning for the TBII Adelaide Premiere continutes to advance, with locations being scouted for the major event, and conversations being had. At this stage, there are no details forthcoming as to the location and date for the premiere, but a decision will be made midway through December 06.
By crikey, things are going well.......

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The World Premiere

Well, the first ever public screening of Thrash Bus II took place on Saturday night, November 11th, 2006. Held in the house of Kelvin and Jenny Street, in Toodyay WA, about an hour from Perth, the screening was held to celebrate the impending wedding of Wazza and Kiah the following day. With about twenty people in attendance, audience enjoyment was high, laughing and clapping the events on screen. Principal cast members who attended the screening were Warwick, Nick Abbott, Peter Rogers, Andrew Newman, and of course, my good self. It was interesting to note the comments of those who had no affiliation with the project, namely those who were from Perth and had no preconceived ideas about the film, who enjoyed it for what it was and did not expect too much, and yet managed to laugh and appreciate the humour and action anyway.
The reason for this screening was primarily to allow those cast memebers who were not going to be able to see it on the big screen at the Adelaide premiere, namely, Wazza and Newman (and their wives) before they left to go overseas again.
The Adelaide premiere will occur sometime in the new year, probably January, to allow time to produce the DVD and prepare for distribution. this will also allow those whose Christmas calendars are rapidly filling up to attend what is sure to be a gala event. More news on this to follow.

Finally, TBII is out there.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Epic Is Complete

At 12:30 am, Thursday 8th November, 2006, Thrash Bus II was finished. The longest, most difficult project ever undertaken by Fernby Films, TBII is a 50 minute epic was completed in the wee small hours over protesting eylids and the start of a headache. With the final rendering left overnight, the film will be transferred to digital tape on Thursday afternoon, ready for a preview screening over the weekend.

Angela, the wait is over.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The end is again in sight. Hopefully by the end of tonight (Wednesday, November 8th) Thrash Bus II will be complete. The final, edited, master edition of this epic film, should hopefully be complete tonight. Its a race against time. I'll let you know how I go.

The Day Is Here

This weekend, Box gets married. lisa flew to Perth last night, and I fly out on friday, accompanied by my sister. Box and Kiah are due to be married on the Sunday, and after talking to Kiah and Box yesterday, as well as Lisa when she arrived, I am convinced that they are still going to be married. Sunday is the day. It's also Lisa's birthday on sunday, and hopefully the second season DVD I ordered from Amazon gets here by friday. Thats when I fly out, so if it doesn't get here by then, Lisa will have to wait for her present until we return on monday. Oh well. Hopefully the courier is feeling particularly speedy.
Thrash Bus editing is progressing well, although there are still a few scenes to complete. Funnily enough, its going surprisingly quickly, with little effort. I am taking whatever gets done to Perth to show Box for his approval. It wont be finished, but it'll be quite close.
Anyway, thats about all the info I have for you today. All the best, and back to Blogging when I return from Perth.